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    What's EasyStockLots all about

    Our team at are passionate about connecting a network of buyers and sellers to easily trade stock lots. We list a variety of stock lots that sellers wish to clear:-

    • Excess inventory
    • End of range items
    • End of Season stock lots
    • Cancelled Orders
    • Liquidation Sales
    • Bulk Inventory that a seller just wishes to expose to a wider customer base., does not directly purchase or sell any stock lots, we connect buyers and sellers easily to allow the deal to flow without any middleman. We never charge the buyer or seller any commission or handling fees to broker the deal. All warranties provided by the seller are provided to the buyer.

    Types of Stock Lots

    We categorise all stock lots into two categories to give buyers and sellers the greatest amount of flexibility. So whether you want to buy or sell a full range of products as one stock lot, or just a bulk stock lot of one item, we provide the flexibility to do either. We also offer the option to break stock lots up, so that a stock lot can either be sold in bulk or in smaller lot sizes with price breaks for each lot size.

    • Mixed Stock Lot - A Stock Lot consisting of a group of items sold as one stock lot - This type of Stock Lot is priced as a complete stock lot for the entire range of items offered.

    • Individual Stock Lot - A Stock Lot consisting of one specific item. This type of Stock Lot can be offered either as a complete stock lot, or broken into smaller stock lots. It is priced per unit, with price breaks applicable if the Seller allows the stock lot to be broken up.

    Stock Lot Pricing

    All stock lots have their prices set by the seller of the Stock Lot, and these prices exclude delivery of the Stock Lot to the buyer., does not place any markup to the seller's prices.

    Stock Lots can be priced in several ways.

    • Bulk Lot Only - Priced for the complete Stock Lot purchased as one item.

    • Price Breaks Allowed - Where a stock lot is allowed to broken up into smaller Stock Lots, price breaks may exist for each stock lot. Normally the more Lots you purchase the cheaper the price.

    • Buyers Bid - Stock Lots may also be offered on a "Buyers Bid" basis, meaning that the Buyer makes an offer for the stock lot. Buyers Bid stock lots often have reserve prices to guide the buyer.

    Be the first to get new stock lots

    We send all new stock lots to our database of buyers. Sign up here to register as a buyer and get all the latest stock lots sent to your mailbox.