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    Sell your stock lots with

    Have you got stock lots you want to sell? Then you're at the right place!

    We are the team that can help you get your stock lots in front of thousands of buyers who are looking for the next deal. With thousands of stock lots and growing, and over 10 000 buyers already using , you are almost guaranteed to sell your stock lots quickly.

    Thousands of buyers receive our daily stock lot offers, customised to their requirements, meaning potential buyers get your stock lots in their mailbox, immediately you list it.

    Your stock lot could be exactly the thing they're looking for.

    At we pride ourselves on our diverse, high-quality range of stock lots, and a quality range of sellers.

    Quick and Easy listing process

    Our listing process to get you started is quick and easy. Simply register to become a seller and get started, you only start paying when your lots are listed. As soon as you subscribe you will get your sellers registration details, password and logins, as well as a stock lots upload template and detailed guide on how to start listing your first stock lots.

    You will also have access to our support team every step of the way.

    Target New Customers not only exposes your listed stock lots to thousands of buyers, but also exposes your company and its products to over 10 000 buyers across the world. What may start out today as journey to sell your stock lots, may end up with you acquiring new customers who you deal with every day.

    Easy Hassle Free, No Commissions makes the process to sell your stock lots, easy, hassle free with no commissions taken on the transaction. We connect buyers with sellers and make the deal flow without any middleman involvement.


    • Need to download something to present to your team to motivate them to let you sign up to - Click Here
    • Download the stock lot take-on template - Click Here

    Register as a Seller

    Registration is easy & free.


    Registration has no obligations

    At EasyStockLots we dont believe in charging unless you are getting value. You will not be charged anything until your stock lots are published on the platform. Sellers are then billed a small monthly subscription, no contracts, and your subscription can be cancelled at any time.

    Registration is Confirmed

    You will get a welcome package confirming your registration. You will receive login details and passwords, plus a stock lot take on form, and detailed instructions on how to start loading your stock lots.


    Load Stock

    You can now start loading your stock lots. Stock lots are loaded using a simple import template that can be completed and sent to the EasyStockLots team. The data team are there to support you 100% of the way.

    Stock Lots will be validated and confirmed

    Our data team will assist you with all your data to ensure you have the best chance of selling your stock lots, and they will work with you to resolve any gremlins, and get your stock lots ready for publishing. Your subscription only starts when your stock lots are published.


    Confirmation of Stock Lots

    You will receive confirmation of all stock lots listed. plus you will receive custom designed mailers that you can send to your own customers. Our EasyStockLots team will also immediately start marketing your stock lots to its large database of buyers.

    Start Receiving Offers

    Now sit back and relax. Just like all our happy stock lot sellers you will start receiving offers from buyers in a flash.


    Conclude Transaction

    Once you receive an offer from a buyer, you work directly with the buyer to conclude the transaction. The EasyStockLots team will be there every step of the way to guide and help you.